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Hello everybody and welcome to our new blog Madden20Game.com – Here we do our best to share latest news, wishlist and information of Madden NFL 20 game.

As the fans can look forward for the game to get officially announce in 2019, until then we will update the site with latest Madden NFL 20 features wishlist, rumors, fan-made trailer, fan-created cover images and lots more:

Madden 20 Game image:

Madden 20 Game

Why We Created Maden20Game.com:

Even before the game gets officially announced, their is always leaks, rumours and lots more about the game. Sometime there is also official teasing from EA itself.  So we decided to create this blog and update you with all such type of information.

Is Madden20Game.com Official Blog:

No. It’s a fanmade blog dedicated to share all updates of the game. The site gets regularly updated with latest game features, trailer and more.

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