Madden NFL 20 Features WishList

Since EA most likely as of now has plans for Madden 20 at this point, it is imperative to kick this off in regards to Madden 20 Features wish-list. However this year, with the absence of attention franchise mode received, I feel it is essential that we give the franchise mode its own list of things to get to indicate EA how imperative and the amount one of its most oldest game means to the people. Let us checkout the wish-list of Madden NFL 20 and predict that will it make it to the game.

Madden NFL 20 Features Wishlist

Madden 20 Features Wishlist Prediction:

Let’s get started with the fetaures wish-list.

1. Easy 32 Team Control:

Simply, it will be pleasant to have the ability we had in Madden 12 and previously. In case you have a franchise like the Broncos and you miss the playoffs, it would be quite pleasant to have the ability to play in the AFC Championship Game on the off chance that it is between the Patriots and the Steelers.

2. Ability to load custom draft files before starting a franchise:

We should have the ability to load custom draft files before making a franchise. Currently, they should be made and put in the game as free agents. That is somewhat faltering and changes should be made. All we can state is that will this feature make it to the game?

3. Historical Stat Tracking:

There needs to be commentary and in game banners for following stats. On the off chance that you hit a major milestone, you should be able to hear it. On the off chance that I break a major record, I want the news story take up the first page of my CFM home page. When I see my player card, It would be great to see career stats separated by every year, and what team did that player play for on that year.

4. Assistant Coaches/Ability to alter their preferences:

Despite the fact that coaches are not a part of the coaches association, which never prevented them from including Chad Masters (Bill Belichick). Give us non specific mentors and enables us to alter their appearance, name, and instructing style. In any case, I would love position mentors, particularly as of recently retired players.

5. Sharable Draft Classes:

Enable us to access and completely alter and share draft classes outside of franchise mode. Also, before the beginning of each season in a franchise, enable us to look/download that draft class. It disposes of depending on updates and changes to draft classes.

6. Stadium and Team Creation:

I might want to see the ability to get totally into depth with team creation. This could likewise be turned to MUT or playing online. Enable the players to flaunt their inventiveness by showing their stadiums, teams or jerseys they made online. Moreover; getting the ability to import these things into the Franchise will be great for the game.

7. Week after week Wrap-Up Show Report:

How cool it would be after each week they breakdown of what is currently going on in the league and every game results. That would make the game so much more fun.

Counting things like:

– Scores/details/highlights of each game
– Standings
– Transactions
– Injury Updates
– Power rankings

8. Fixing things like formation subs, Unrealistic contracts:

You basically can’t make any subs for formations that you add to a custom book, the subs don’t adhere to a few formations; outwardly the formations are actually reversed around in the formation sub screen, that it makes it hard to know precisely where you are subbing somebody.

In the event that EA isn’t willing to do it, it would be better off to give people the choice to pick their rival’s playbook without requiring two controllers. Unrealistic contracts- Undrafted free agents shouldn’t request over $2 million for their new starting season.

The above mentioned points are some of the wish-list features that may come up in Madden 20 with suggestions as in how the game can be further improved to make it more realistic and attract a whole lot more people. What do you think about these changes and what would be your own suggestions and recommendations for Madden NFL 20?

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