EA Sports is actually division of Electronic Arts that creates and makes sports related computer/video games. Once a promoting gimmick of Electronic Arts, in which they endeavored to mirror real-life sports network by terming themselves the “EA Sports Network” with endorsements or pictures with genuine commentators, for example, John Madden, it at a quick speed grew up to turn into a sub-label by itself, making game series like FIFA, NHL, Madden NFL, NBA Live and NASCAR.

EA Sports

You can locate a definitive advanced sporting experience with EA SPORTS on console, cell phones, and PC. The EA library incorporates everything. The fantastic crowd in FIFA, the pace in NHL or other games by EA Sports gives you an amazing experience. Regardless of whether you hit the pitch in FIFA 18 or take the court in a hurry with NBA LIVE Mobile, EA SPORTS games provide some spectacular experiences for you.

Many games under this brand are produced by EA Canada, the studio of Electronic Arts in Burnaby and also in British Columbia and EA Tiburon in Maitland, Florida. Not at all like some different sports game organizations, has EA Sports had no exceptional connections to a solitary platform, which implies that all games are released for the top selling active platforms, sometimes after the majority of alternate organizations abandon them.


1. In the year 2002, EA obtained the license to NASCAR for a long duration of 6 years, finishing rivalry from Papyrus and Infogrames. They lost the NASCAR license in the year 2009 and the NASCAR license would be possessed by Polyphony Digital for the Gran Turismo series beginning with Gran Turismo 5.

2. On December 13, 2004, EA Sports made a remarkable deal with the National Football League and it’s Players’ Union for duration of 5 years. On February 12, 2008, EA Sports declared the augmentation of its exclusive deal till the 2012 NFL season.

3. Not as much as a month after the NFL Exclusive deals, EA Sports made a four-year deal with the (AFL).

4. On April 11, 2005, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and EA Sports made an arrangement to give EA Sports the rights to create college football games for about six years.

5. Electronic Arts lost the rights for Major League Baseball games to 2K Sports in the year of 2005; in any case, EA made NCAA Baseball games in the year of 2006 and 2007 subsequent to losing the MLB license.


Nothing beats chilling yourself in the wake of a prolonged day with FIFA by EA Sports. The affiliation football game has rapidly turned into the main choice for any individual who cherishes football and gaming. Accessible crosswise over different platforms, the game enjoys a big reputation that extends for over numerous years and isn’t done yet.

Let us look at some of the facts of FIFA by EA SPORTS.


The principal franchise by EA Sports didn’t have the typical year joined to its name. Besides, the release was all the more an upheaval, with the isometric look of the pitch. It was like 1983′s International Soccer, which spearheaded the angle where peers adhered to the tried top down, side looking over or via bird’s eye view.


Once in the past the ambassador for Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami, the biggest ever rival for FIFA till date, was poached by FIFA couple of years back and expeditiously put on the front of the most recent version of FIFA Street in March 2012.


By 2011, FIFA was accessible in 51 nations and had been interpreted in 18 dialects. It had sold more than 100 million copies around the world, and FIFA 12 had turned into the fastest selling sports game with more than 3.3 million games sold of EA Sports.